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president obama is joining forces with the unions and actually ruining the economy. but progressives say the president is keeping the union fight at arm's lent. former governor jennifer granholm joins us. >>> and a man at a town hall for republicans, congressman paul broun asked when will the president be shot, and the congressman laughs. and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at >>> as the rnc goes after president obama tying him to the union agenda,ç the media arm, x news, declares the political discord in wisconsin union busting. >>> and a man at a town hall asks when is going to shoot obama. it took republican congressman paul broun three days to figure out he should condemn what he heard. >>> 100% politics. have you looked at the list of the
in the streets. what should be done with this guy. why did it take so long for president obama to comment on it? right back with that report. >> bill: in the impact segment as you may know the country of libya is in revolt. many believe the brutal dictator is on the ropes. even though hundreds of people have been killed by gaddafi in the streets it took president obama until late today to say something specific, which is an interesting situation to say the least. joining us now from washington fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters author of the book the officers club. all right so when the president spoke this afternoon he basically condemned the violence and, you know, the state department has been doing that from day one. and he is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to geneva to, i guess, have discussions. i mean, to me, it's -- i don't know. what are you going to discuss? how bad gaddafi is? so, first of all, why do you think that the president wasn't out day one saying you have got to get rid of this pinhead? >> well, because he really doesn't understand foreign policy
it take so long for president obama to comment on it? right back with that report. >> bill: in the impact segment as you may know the country of libya is in revolt. many believe the brutal dictator is on the ropes. even though hundreds of people have been killed by gaddafi in the streets it took president obama until late today to say something specific, which is an interesting situation to say the least. joining us now from washington fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters author of the book the officers club. all right so when the president spoke this afternoon he basically condemned the violence and, you know, the state department has been doing that from day one. and he is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to geneva to, i guess, have discussions. i mean, to me, it's -- i don't know. what are you going to discuss? how bad gaddafi is? so, first of all, why do you think that the president wasn't out day one saying you have got to get rid of this pinhead? >> well, because he really doesn't understand foreign policy. he never took an interest in it. and he is terrible
fire thousands of state workers and where is president obama who said this while campaigning for president. >> i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes. i'll walk on that picket line with you. >> so far the president is no show. chris wallace and lou dobbs will talk about it. >> it's an emergency. >>> glenn beck has something to say about the big pro demonstrations that may take place tomorrow. the beckmeister will be here. >> you sound like thomas jefferson. >> i'm not thomas jefferson he was a [ bleep ]. >> cbs loses millions of dollars because charlie sheen has become unhinged. >> geraldo has the inside story as two and a half men has been closed down. >> wow! >> caution, you are about to the no-spin zone from california. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hings i'm bill o'reilly reporting from los angeles. thanks for watching us tonight. why hasn't president obama gone to wisconsin in support of the union workers there? that is the subject of the talking points memo. on november 3rd, 2007, then senator barack obama said this on the campaign trail. >> if american workers
but a swiss miss. and is president obama getting his groove on while the mideast burns? some say yes, but others say ain't no party like a motown party and a motown party can't be rescheduled. and as lovable scam p charlie sheen be called a lovable jerk? >> thank you, andy. >> your het leer hair do is -- your hitler hair do is making me feel ill. >> your face is an omelette of despair. let's welcome our guests. she excites me. i am here with patty m brown. she is so cute that snow angels make outlines of her on the ground when it is snowing. charles pain is back. fox business network and ceo of wall street strategies. he knows picking stocks like i know being in them. and he is a lot like bill shultz, but he is not homeless or infested with six kinds of hepatitis. filling in for my repulsive sidekick is john devore. and next to me, thaddeus mccodder. he released a book called "seize freedom" hope that is not a stripper, and i suggest you read the forward because it is fantastic. it is fantastic. , eh. we have no pinch because bill is out and when bill is out pinch is gone too. >> wei
president obama's birth certificate was over, you haven't been paying attention. new state legislation, tonight a montana lawmaker says fe has no idea if president obama was born in america. >>> trying to keep iran's oppressive rulers honest as they try to crush their uprising at home. we begin with the brutal crackdown in iran and the courage of a protester speaking out. a voice the government of iran wants to silence. a voice belonging to a young woman who is risking her life tonight to get her message out to you. we're calling her sarah. her fellow pro-tess sors have been arrested. at least one is dead, shot by iranian government agents, shot by a government that is as brutal as hypocritical. if you what about to see what the iranian government is like, what its parliament is like, take a look at this. they're chanting death to two main opposition leaders in iran. that is the iranian parliament chanting for the death of two iranians, baying for blood. can you imagine american lawmakers doing that, being led in their chants by a religious figure? it's hard to imagine this. in iran, h
get replaced by a psycho and obama watched a golden moment for real change slip by. maybe if he did something about that uprising this one could be different, or at least better than the pro bowl. it sucked. and if you disagree with me, you are worse than hitler. >> i'm going to you first. you are rather calm today. it is about egypt, and it made me feel optimistic. at the beginning i just don't sense anything good coming from this. you said this resolution is good. mubarak has to go. he has had a good run. and the military, they don't like -- they are not going to let the muslim brotherhood get involved. you have a pretty optimistic take about what lies ahead. right? >> well, i'm allergic to the absolute hysteria which is what i have been hearing from the media. i don't think the muslim brotherhood are good guys. and if there are democratic elections, they are going to get some parliament seats, probably a chunk of them. in democracy, sometimes al franken wins. the bottom line on this is we can't change the momentum here. mubarak is toast. the military said, hey, we are not going t
on michelle obama, encouraging mothers to breast-feed. >>> we begin in bahrain. a key ally in the middle east. we see the turmoil there. protesters criticizing the royal family, calling on them to step down. tens of thousands of protesters were driven from the streets by tear gas and rubber bullets overnight. at least two were killed and hundreds wounded. and miguel marquez is right in the middle of it and joins us this morning. miguel? >> reporter: george, 2 people at least five people were killed here and 100 people injured in a surprise crackdown that shocked everybody here last night. the streets of manama are very quiet today. the military is in charge. what began as a peaceful demonstration, in an instant, became a violent melee. hundreds of heavily-armed police swept through pearl square in the heart of manama bahrain's capital city. men, women and children were camping out after a day of protests here. it began a little after 3:00 a.m. helicopters circled overhead. police, in huge numbers, began pushing towards the square. i called abc news radio to report what
obama presented congress with his budget for fiscal year 2012, the focus in washington shifts this morning to more immediate spending needs. later today the house will open debate on legislation that would fund government activities through the rest of this fiscal year and cut more than 60 billion from current spending. as for the president's proposed $3.7 trillion plan, it lays out a path to cut the deficit by more than $1 trillion over the next decade. largest cuts come in mandatory spending including social programs, defense spending, discretionary spending and interest on debt. the president says his plan contains tough choices and fis commission concluded, the only way to truly tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it, in domestic spending, defense spending, health care spending, and spending through tax breaks and loopholes. so what we've done here is make a down payment, but there's going to be more work that needs to be done and it will require democrats and republicans coming together to make it happen. >> the president says this is just th
? there is no defending that. >> if president obama had run on a promise to guarantee universal health care and on taking office had come in and nationalized the entire medical industry you would say he was exercising dictatorial powers. >> you are not answering my question. [ talking over each other ] >> thank you gentlemen, i appreciate it. >> coming up, the government shutdown may be around the corner. sean gets the rnc's chairman thoughts. >> as muammar qadhafi khreupblss to power, does the white house have -- clings to power, does the white house have a strategy to deal with it? john bolton is here with his analysis. stay tuned. [ my vet thinks my insidesng i aare in mint condition.up. [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy checkup starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets with cutting edge ingredients for the lifelong health of your pet. [ dog ] healthy inside and out. come on, up high! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ g ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. h like the pros you gotta wake up early like t
the why behind this and why the congressional caucus and black caucus are upset about president obama's budget proposals as they stand today. >>> now want to turn to this. a massive sex scandal involving italian prime minister silvio berlusconi is taking a major legal step forward. a judge has ordered berlusconi to stand fliel what could be a quick prosecution with no tribunal or preliminary hearings. nbc's peter alexander is following the story live in london. peter? >> reporter: hey, richard, good morning to you. so all this stems from allegations that berlusconi paid for sex with a 17-year-old nightclub dancer and then tried to cover it up. the italian prime minister who, by the way, is 74, has denied doing anything wrong. he calls the charges disgusting and disgraceful. be very clear, today's indictment is the worst of three possible outcomes for berlusconi. really does, as you note, speed up this entire process. a trial is already set for april 6. consider that, just 50 days away. and a panel will consist of three female judges hearing this case. prosecutors allege that berluscon
standoff. president obama appearing to take sides in the debate today, this after the white house tried to distance itself from this dispute last week as governor scott walker lays down a new deadline, warning democrats they have 24 hours left to vote on that budget bill or there will be serious consequences. welcome to "america live" on a monday. i'm megyn kelly. as we center the third week of wisconsin's budget battle, president obama challenging u.s. governors about an hour ago, asking them not to vilify public employees in their efforts to tackle state budget problems. >> i believe that everybody should be prepared to give up something in order to solve our budget challenges and i think most public servants agree with that. democrats and republicans agree with that. in fact, many public employees in your respective states have agreed to cuts, but let me say this, i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated, vilified or rights infringed upon. megyn: wisconsin's governor is refusing to budge in their efforts to save the state from what he says is financ
. >>> president obama will hold a news conferences at 11:00 a.m. eastern. you can see is here on cnn and likely talk about his 2012 budget unveiled yesterday and cut into many programs but with the aim of getting us at least to hack about a trillion dollars off the budget. >>> this morning, we are talking about your wallet and your world. we are following two major stories. prices are rising. food, clothing and appliances, just about everything you buy is about to cost more. then more protests ripple across the arab world. more violence erupts. two of the targeted regimes are u.s. allies. a third a u.s. foe and all could have a direct bearing on the united states. >>> we begin this hour with developing news just minutes ago, the white house announced that president obama will hold a morning news conference and comes one day after releasing his proposed budget and amid rises tide and protests and violence sweeping through the arab world. we have a preview with cnn's indicate bolduan at the white house. >> we did find out a short time ago that the president will be holding a press conference at 1
, where rebels do seem to have control of that part of libya. president obama meets with ban ki-moon. everything that they say from here on out they want international cover particularly from the united nations. >> we'll keep an eye on it, if we can get the shot up from tripoli we'll get it to you for sure. >>> back in washington, lawmakers are walking into a political cooker. both parties are weighing a republican plan to keep things up and running for a few more weeks. kelly o don cell -- who blinked? harry reid or john baner? >> it's almost a combination of both because what boehner did is he emphasized some of the cuts the president has said he wanted to make, very tough for democrats to go against that. so many people are looking at this and saying that republicans kind of have the edge here on this because they're going to get what they wanted, cutting $4 billion for two weeks. that's a pro-rated amount of what they're looking for and it gives democrats a chance to say that republicans came to their side with some of the cuts. there are democrats who believe these cuts are
is a national security threat to the united states is what president obama says as he places sanctions on libya and freezes the assets of qaddafi. will the dick state ten down? >> wisconsin governor walker says public employee pink slips are signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered if the runaway democrats don't come back. and vote. will this bring them home? >> and governor chris christie continues his budget battle with the people of new jersey. >> supposed to be able to replace the money not put in there but i have no place to get it. >> more from townhall from "fox and friends" right now. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. peter johnson is heater today. >> happy to be here. >>alisyn: you are far away from me. come over here! >> she asks me to move further away on a regular basis. >> we do need to talk about the news because so much is happening in libya. they say this is the blood oft of all the revolutions we have seen so far in the middle east and it has been horrible what has been happening, carnage and people would were praying at mosques who were fired on by q
. >> the libyan ambassador who just resigned said the obama registration should raise their voice. what should we be doing? it seems to be taking care of itself. however -- no, that's not true. he is killing his own people. he is killing his own people and obama -- shouldn't obama be saying something? >> he should, but before i begin, i wanted to thank you forgetting back to the comedy rich environment of general sidal dictators after last week doing nothing but porn and animals all week long. i missed that. i am glad to be here talking about this. yes, oat bo ma administration -- the obama administration should raise its voice. we have elected a guy who can't speak at all of the every time something comes up he can't do anything anymore. supposedly that will make it better. they were grilling rumsfeld in an interview saying don't you think our image around the world is better? are you high? i think he actually said that at one . she kept insisting that it was. it is like they are still pretending. i think the president is pretending now too. he is just hoping if he kicks back and doesn't do anyt
late today. >>> president obama will lead a forum with small business owners at cleveland state university this hour. we will listen to see what the president might say about libya or the deaths of the four americans killed by pirates. >>> the earthquake damage in new zealand, it is horrific. all you have to do is just take a look. this building collapses onto a street. at least 65 people are confirmed dead in christchurch but that number is expected to rise. much of the city is in ruins. the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck during lunchtime. dazed, bleeding residents were walking in the streets strewn with debris and concrete. several people are trapped. we heard from one woman who was waiting to be rescued. >> i hope someone knows i'm here. sigh suppose they do. >> you said earlier it sounded like rescuers were coming. >> yes. there are other people on other floors, and they are trying to get up and get everyone out. i just have to wait. >> yes, yes. what goes through your mind? >> oh, well, a couple hours ago, i thought i'd had it. i said good-bye, and i managed to wiggle a bi
for the e-mail. anything else, rob? >> on a lighter note, scott says i love to get up early to see obama say obama, pennsylvania, super bowl. >> that's a pretty good e-mail. i would declare that e-mail to be a -- thanks very much. guess what? the event you've been waiting for, "morning joe" starts right now. >> they're called to fix what was broken in our world. a call rooted in faith. is what led me just a few years out of college to sign up as a community organize r for a grou of churches on the south side of chicago. it was through that experience working with pastors and lay people, trying to heal the wounds of hurting neighborhoods that i came to know jesus christ for myself. and embrace him as my lord and savior. >> we pray that violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized. and that a better day will dawn over egypt and throughout the world. >> all right. we're going straight to cairo. live pictures out of tahrir square where hundreds of thousands of protesters are gathering right now for what they hope will be a day of departur
president bush. originally pro president obama. he says no, i think that's a good idea to talk but so far there's been no movement yet. >> so we will keep an eye on that particular square and when there is movement and if they do indeed start to march on the palace we'll keep you posted. yesterday in the 78 eight page opinion, a u.s. district judge of northern florida ruled that the president's health care initiative is unconstitutional. you know that part that is called the -- >> this is gigantic. >> that is unconstitutional. the government, he says, can't tell you, you got to go out and you got to buy insurance or get fined. that's against the law, says roger. >> actually, he ended up saying because of that, the whole thing is unconstitutional. basicly in his ruling, he said you can't just parse out this one segment. you have to then rule that the entire law is unconstitutional. so what happens now? we've had two courts that ruled in favor of the obama administration. one in western virginia and one in michigan. and then you had two courts who say it's unconstitutional. one in eastern v
or is that not fair? >> i'm not a big fan of the obama administration, but i was marginally involved in discussions during the presidency of george w. bush about egypt, because they wanted to push egypt toward reform and nudge hosni mubarak toward reform. they were very concerned about the ways of hosni mubarak. and in the end, they pulled back from it. so i think there's plenty of blame to go around. this is a man who has been in power from reagan to obama. he's known five presidents, and he's picked the pocket and stiffed five presidents in a row. this kind of guessing who lost egypt and who should have known, i am really not interested in it. i wrote a lot about egypt trying to underline the troubles of the mubarak regime. it's really not about this debate in washington. it's really about this revolution in egypt and whether we go and embrace it and proclaim it and accept it as a legitimate revolution that a free people are entitled to. >> david, given the history with egypt, the american support of the mubarak regime for 30 years, how in your opinion have they been playing this, mixed messages
seen as awesome. >> coming up, is president obama trying to poison the water supply? no, that's a stupid idea. but first what is charlie sheen up to now? whatever it is, i bet amilia es staw varies is doing dash emilio es staw varies is doing something far worse. but no one cares. >>> are you a racist clown when you tell an audience to pipe down? i am refering to a cinema in delaware where a manager was accused of bigotry for telling a black audience to be quiet. but they say overturning the relations commission saying the dude was racist when he used a, quote, condescending quote when telling them to stop talking. the commission ordered the theater to pay nearly $80,000 when determining the announcement that happened in 2007, quote, insulted, humiliated and demeaned patrons since they single etd -- singled out a black audience. they say extras were brought in. the court tossed out the finding and the fine saying the announcement was not racist, simply policy for soldout shows and therefore reasonable. so what does dancing goat think about all this? >> the irony is the goat ac
. >> what else did he do? >> he went bowling yesterday. which begs the question, obama v. meacham. who gets above 39. did you get above 39? >> i couldn't figure out the scoring. >> oh, my god. >> you don't have to. >> you're in college too long. >> i don't get the scoring either. i'm with you. >> it was ugly. it was a father/son tournament. let's just say inability to bowl is in fact genetic. >> so your son wasn't seeking -- >> the last time i bowled was in tennessee which congressman ford knows well from his campaigning day. >> harold ford jr. is with us. >> hard. >> i take it when you were wearing the cam mow hats in the '06 campaign you were bowling a lot? >> oh, yeah. we did. john and i were commenting, the state of mind when you go bowling in tolahoma. >> we have mark halperin joining us from washington. he has elegant bookcases behind him. >> he does. that's his hotel room. he insists on an elegant library. >> did you see any oscars last night? >> watched the whole thing. >> how stoned was james franco? >> completely. the moment to me that crystallized, pardon the pun, is when billy c
house, president obama spoke out against the violence today and spoke up for the libyan people. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous. and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. the change that is taking place across the region is being driven by the people of the region. this change doesn't represent the work of the united states or any foreign power. it represents the aspirations of people who are seeking a better life. as one libyan said, we just want to be able to live like human beings. we just want to be able to live like human beings. it is the most basic of aspirations. that is driving this change, and throughout this time of transition, the united states will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice, and stand up for the dignity of all people. >> president obama today. but keeping them honest, the u.s. and europe has a lot to answer for in its willingness to turn a blind
with the stepped up pressure on libyan strong man moammar gadhafi. president obama has joined other world leaders in condemning violence in that embattled leader's country. >> secretary of state clinton is being sent to geneva for talks aimed at stopping the bloodshed. alex marquardt has traveled from egypt into libya with this report. >> reporter: report reads hand by hand, down with gadhafi. a large part of this country now firmly in the control of the protesters. we're about 15 minutes inside the libyan border and we've been stopped at several checkpoints where they're asking for our passports. it's civilians doing the asking. there isn't any military or police in sight. those we spoke to say gadhafi failed them. people need everything, this man said. there are no hospitals, no medicine, no jobs, no food. >> he only did one thing. he tried to catch the oil. he just think himself is leader for africa, but is not him. >> reporter: just to the west, signs of a nation on the cusp of all out war. libyan military trying to destroy the protesters. helicopter gunship fires on the people. a fighter jet
-down. it was eventually on its way back to the u.s. the victims have not been identified gatt. >>> the obama administration is offering to help libyans trying to oust their longtime leader moammar gaddafi. protesters now control city close to the capital appeared there are reports of food shortages in tripoli. if this comes as a moammar gaddafi and's sons say that their father will fight to glass. that standoff in libya, is hitting driver is in the wallets in the u.s. gas prices jumped 13 cents last week. oil reached nearly $100 a barrel on fears the unrest could spread to other oil-producing countries. the national average for regular is $3.35 a gallon. in the d.c. area, and $3.33 a gallon. >>> 47 degrees outside. >> still to come, a government shutdown showdown. congress is back and the clock is ticking. we will have a live report. >> the countdown to the ballroom unchallenge -- challenge. welcome to the animal welfare league of arlington where there is a pet waiting for everyone. >> good morning, washington. >>> monday morning, adam caskey with your forecast. temperatures are in low 40's,
're needed to help evacuate americans. in washington, the obama administration continues to call for a peaceful transition to democracy. we have extensive coverage tonight, including a team of correspondents in cairo. we begin with elizabeth palmer who has been covering the protests in the heart of cairo. elizabeth? >> reporter: good evening, harry. well, the protestors are still down in the square behind me, you may be able to hear them. several thousand of them. they've been chanting ever since quite a dramatic speech by egypt's vice president on television a couple of hours ago who offered talks with what he called "all political forces" on constitutional change. last week, the vice president's offer might have sounded like victory to the protestors. now, for this crowd, it's just not enough. tell anyone who orders you to fire on us, no, the demonstrators chanted. we are your people. people who have found a voice and a place to call their own. liberation square has become, as one demonstrator called it, the moral heart of egypt. >> we will be here until he gets out. >> reporte
. meanwhile president obama is encouraging the nation's governors to work together as the standoff over union rights of budget cuts in wisconsin enters a third week. tracie potts joins us live from washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. protesters may have been forced out of wisconsin's state capitol, but their budget battle continues with democrats hiding out across state lines preventing a vote on what the governor says could cost them 1500 jobs. he wants to make deep cuts including cutting collective bargaining for state employees. governor scott walker on "meet the press" says if they don't act soon, the state could lose $155 billion by tomorrow. i should say million dollars by tomorrow. now, here in washington, they're focusing on the budget, also. there will be a government shutdown by friday, democrats and republicans trying to come up with a compromise that at some point looks like it may include extending the current budget for another two weeks, but with $4 billion in cuts. the problem is they're looking at the smallest part of the budget and over the weekend we
responsibility and step aside and get the country to move on. >> reporter: obama administration is optimistic egypt will soon find a peaceful resolution and that the country will continue to move forward as a strong american ally. >> i have confidence if egypt moves in an orderly transition process that we will have a government in egypt that we can work with. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news, president obama said he isn't sure if mubarak will resign soon but one thing is clear. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want free and fair elections. >> reporter: as of now, mubarak has no intention of giving up power until his term expires in september. >>> local businesses are keeping a close eye on the unrest in egypt. some companies in maryland have trade partnership with the mood letter earn nation -- middle eastern nation. >>> wikileaks founder is due in a courtroom today fighting extradition to sweden. his lawyers plan to argue if he is extradited, he could face execution in the united states. the 39-year-old has infuriated american
't be nearly as interesting for students in parkville today. how could it be? president obama visited the middle school yesterday e came with news that affects all of us. his budget plan for the coming year. he wants to caught trillion dollars over the next ten years. and he wants to freeze spending and raise tax for the wealthy. he wants to put limit on your deductions for paying mortgage and helping a charity. >> these investments i am convinced if we fulfill, and innovate and outeducate, as well as outhustle the rest of the word. jobs and industries of our time had take root in the united states. >> defense spending will be cut by 5% and the president would extend tax credits for college, expanding them to child care. >>> the president talked to 8th graders and headed to the science class. >> when the president came into our classroom, it was sort of unreal at first because it's the president of the united states. >> i told my parents about it, they said to make sure to get a picture with him. >> he was really paying attention and getting what we were doing. >> when he walked in he
of the biggest names in the tech industry will soon be meeting with the president. president obama will be having dinner in the bay area tonight. and on the guest list are the likes of steve jobs and mark zuckerberg. traci grant is at san francisco international where air force one is scheduled to touchdown within the hour, and that's one plan that likely won't be affected by weather delays at the airport. one never knows, though, tracy? >> it's true, you never know. a lot of the flights have been delayed today. but i can probably wager that when air force one touches down at 5:45. it will take top priority on the tarmac. these are the marines, and they are waiting to welcome air force one when it comes in in just a short time. president obama is here to break bread tonight in the silicon valley with technology's top tier of business leaders to discuss how to promote american innovation and get people back to work. imagine being in a room with the top technology executives, steve jobs, chairman and ceo of apple. larry ellison, co-founder of oracle and mark zuckerberg, president and ceo of faceboo
resulting in a government shutdown. president obama is encouraging the nation's governors to work together as the standoff over union rights and budget cuts in wisconsin enters a third week. tracie potts joins us now from washington with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning, everyone. protesters may have been forced out of wisconsin state capitol but the budget battle continues with democrats hiding out across state lines preventing a vote on what the governor says could cost them 1500 jobs. he wants to make deep cuts including cutting collective bargaining for state employees. governor scott walker on "meet the press" says if they don't act soon, the state could lose $155 million by tomorrow. now here in washington, they're focusing on the budget also. will there be a government shutdown by friday? democrats and republicans trying to come up with a compromise that at this point looks like it may include extending the current budget for another two weeks but with $4 billion in cuts. the problem is they're looking at the smallest part of the budget. and over th
. >>> today president obama fired back at critics who say his proposed budget for 2012 does not do enough to reduce the deficit fmplts he said the spending plan would stop running up the charges on our national credit card. and it could pave the way to a bipartisan deal to cut entitlements, such as medicare. steve handelsman has the lacest. >> reporter: buffetted by a storm of criticism, president obama defended his new plan to cut the deficit. >> we're not going to be running up the credit card anymore. that's important. and that's hard to do. >> reporter: he admits he would use a scalpel, not a machete, to cut some discretionary programs. the spending in green, not the big wedge in yellow, entitlements, social security and especially medicare and medicaid, all headed deep into the red. the president's own deficit commission demanded entitlements be cut immediately. the "washington post" calls the obama approach a punt, essentially giving up. house speaker john boehner demanded entitlement cuts this year. >> republicans will not punt. everything's on the table. >> reporter: president oba
of the hospital continuing her recovery at home. she received a call today from president obama who expressed his concern. >> reporter: she was in cairo friday to report on the resignation of hosni mubarak but became separated from her crew. this photo was taken the moment before. a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating. according to the committee, at least 140 reporters were attacked covering the protests in egypt. >> what was unusual about the situation in egypt is the systematic and sustained nature of attacks on journalists. >> reporter: one week before the attack, they were detained by egyptian security forces and endured a long interrogation before expelled from the country. she managed to return. before she went back, she felt compelled to go again. >> it's very hard for me to be away from this story. i feel i failed because i didn't deliver. it's in my blood to be there. >> you don't want them to carry out what's considered a man's job. >> reporter: judith is a journalism expert who worked with logans. attacks against women reporters go unreported. >> they are concerned if they
p. >> reporter: many here in egypt believe the obama administration is trying to ease off pressure in egypt. washington is not calling for a rapid regime change and is refusing to endorse the protesters demands that president mubarak immediately step down. life is returning to cairo as egypt is now looking for a way out of this crisis. the new vice president omar suleiman today announced that the government has a schedule and a road map for a peaceful transition from mubarak's regime until the elections next fall. but the protesters don't trust that mubarak will carry out any reforms. they're still camped out in tahrir square. the demonstrators are trying to form a committee to represent them. and they have been inspired by the release yesterday of a blogger and google executive after 12 days of detention. please don't turn me into a hero, he said, i'm an ordinary person, the heroes are in the street. but time may no longer be on the demonstra demonstrator's side. shopkeepers say it mostly just dust off their souvenirs. there are no tourists, no business. egyptians are now divided
president obama, driving home the same point that now, right now, those two sides, the government and the opposition have to come together. but they're not reaching in and cracking heads at all. it really has to be an egyptian process. >> jill dougherty in washington, thanks so much for that update. we'll check back with you throughout the afternoon. >>> also, straight ahead, lots of folks looking forward to this in this country, the super bowl. but guess what? it's a pretty dangerous situation at the site of tomorrow's big game. you see the ice right there forming. ice actually slid off the roof of the cowboy stadium in arlington, texas, and one man was hit in the head. he is in stable condition and he's in the hospital. five other people had minor injuries. the dallas/ft. worth area got hit with snow and ice and we'll be taking you live to cnn's mark mckay in articling don in just a minute. but first, karen mcginnis is in the weather center, it gets cold in dallas but this is very strange. >> this is kind of a series of systems, not just for texas but for the midwest, the ohio r
's going to vote for barack obama. the administration basically killed the project and went to the air force and said why don't you do it again? guess what, a swing state gets all those jobs. we want to know why america is dysfunctional economically? all you have to do is look at this sleazy story. "the mississippi sun herald" a much different reaction to boeing getting the contract. from the gulf coast, the european-based country competing for the deal was building inii tankers out of alabama. mike? >> "new york post," showç stopper, cbs has canceled the remaining season of "two and a half men" after charlie sheen attacked his employers in a radio show, calling the show's executive producer a clown, among other things. we'll play you that riveting radio interview. >> that is painful. >> you know, richard, we're going to be talking this morning as are a lot of people about the investigation based on "the race" article with the psy-ops. you say this is the story in afghanistan. >> the other story is a distraction. there's rogue generals who maybe go too far, what have you. i don't kn
obama says to the egyptian people, we hear your voices. and to the egyptian government, the political transition must begin now. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. >> jon: tonight, on "the fox report." goodbye mr. mubarak. after days of protests, egypt's president boughs to pressure from his people and announces he will leave office. tonight, when it's going to happen, how this could reshape the political picture in the middle east, and what it means for american interests. ice, slush, and a whole lot of snow. now more states are declaring emergencies, airlines are canceling thousands more flights. and this massive storm is still on the move. plus, that's one way to get around in the snow. tonight, the inventor of the ski propeller. but we begin with a fox news weather alert. a mammoth winter storm is rumbling across the central and eastern u.s., pelting up to a third of the nation with rain, snow, and everything in between. let's get right to the map. here's how the storm has developed over the past 4 hours with powerful thunderstorms in the south and blizzards farther north. the he
, but will the dictator from the desert answer president obama's call to leave power? we'll bring you that next on "msnbc sunday." >>> also ahead, the power of the protests here in the states and why demonstrators in wisconsin are facing a deadline that's just hours away. >>> plus, charlie sheen's show and tell. now he wants to prove he's unleashed his radio rep jobs with a sound mind. >>> and it's a testament to winter weather. there's snow in san diego. can you believe that, san diego? hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts in today for alex witt, and welcome to "msnbc sunday." i appreciate your time. 9:00 here in the east, 6:00 out west. >>> we get straight to what's happening right now. fast-moving developments in libya this morning. antigovernment protesters say they're taking steps to form an alternative government. a member of the city council of benghazi says the libyan cities currently under the control of rebels have selected an ex-justice minister to lead a provisional government. also this morning, rebels say they now have control of the city closest to the capital of tripoli. nbc's stephanie gosk
in a few minutes. pamela? >> fenty, steve. >>> president obama warns that the federal government will suffer if they shut down next week unless congress can work out a budget compromise. republicans have proposed deep spending cuts. the stop got measure is being considered. the proposal would cut $4 billion of spending and keep the government running until mid march. >>> turning out to the oscar countdown, the red carpet has been ruled out, the performers have rehearsed, and soon it will be time for the stars to shine. cynne simpson and it arch campbell are live in hollywood. hi, guys, it must be fun. >> pamela, it has been amazing. we have only been here quite -- a couple days, but we are creating quite a splash. check it out, our logo in lights. and check this out, a star in our honor. >> that is not the permanent one. >> i am confident that it is coming. the red carpet and all of its presentation is weeks in the making, but the stars have been working on this for weeks. they say hollywood is the land of beautiful people. >> everything will be designer. everybody wants to look
for the annual meeting of the national governor's soerk, that meeting starts tomorrow. today, president obama will be meeting with governors for a dozen states and the american somoa. job creation will dominate the conversation. >> republicans have demanded the cuts to help prevent a federal shutdown as of march 4th. among the protential reductions, funding for earmark projects that have already been approved. cuts proposed by president obama, including the elimination of a program for a jet fighter. >>> as libya moves closer to civil war, at least 300 are dead in that city alone. in the mideast, iraq has seen protests, the prime minister warns that they are targets of terrorist groups plans to attack them with suicide bombs. >>> the tankers were taking fuel to nato forces in afghanistan. 15 militants armed with rockets and guns caused a massive fire. militants often target supply targets, and in recent years, destroyed hundreds of vehicles. >>> a hearing took place for detained american raymond davis, the cia contractor is accused of killing two pakistani men. he claims the men were trying t
obama's press secretary robert gibbs says that the president told mubarak that his people, the egyptians are not going to be satisfied waiting too much longer for elections and secretary of state hillary clinton said basically the same thing to the new egyptian v.p. omar suleiman that the transition needs to begin now. state department made it clear yesterday they do not have a horse in the race for who will take over in egypt. listen. >> this is not our process. this is not our list. we do not have a favorite candidate or candidates. we are not going to anoint any successor to president mubarak. these are decisions to be made by the egyptian people as part of a transition that occurs in egypt. our point is this transition, this process to fundamental change needs to begin now. >> and chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullin spoke with his egyptian counterpart yesterday and said that he hopes their military can keep things under control. we also heard from the leaders of some other powerful countries yesterday, france, germany, britain, italy and spain said in a joint statement
here. ambassador huntsman does appear to potentially be viable as a candidate to run against obama in two years. >> you said you wished halpern were here. as -- as meachem can't -- >> no, halpern was knocking it down. >> i wish halpern was here. >> every time, that name comes up. >> he hisses and -- >> i know. like this. >> a little behind the scene. >> like we're so stupid. >> sitting next to me, halpern is going -- >> yeah. >> i'm sure it's -- it's unprofessional. i don't think journalists should do that. but i notice, though, he must have -- john meachem, going to you now, he must have known something was coming. because yesterday when huntsman's name came up, he backed off a little. this is a guy writing "game change ii." he's got a leak like a sieve or halpern doesn't make his million dollars. >> we'll talk about that as well. >>> and also the government says you all should eat less. we'll definitely talk about that. just eat less. that's all you need to do. yeah. well, unfortunately we need to hear that for some reason. >>> let's go to egypt. crowds are gathering in cairo rig
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